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Newtek TRTC1S - TriCaster TC1 SELECT bundle

TriCaster TC1 SELECT bundle (TriCaster TC1 and TC1LP)

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1 x Newtek TRTC1 - TriCaster TC1 (2RU)

The most complete production system available today, TriCaster TC1 represents the continued...

1 x Newtek TR-TC1LP - Control surface for TriCaster TC1 (24-button)

Control surface for TriCaster TC1. 24 backlit buttons, 2x panel stripes, 2 multi mode T-Bars ,...

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The NewTek TriCaster® TC1 Select Bundle includes:

NewTek TriCaster TC1R 2RU Live Production System

NewTek TC1LP Control Panel

The NewTek TriCaster TC1 Deluxe bundle is designed to deliver high-performance, high-capacity production in the new video reality. With industry-leading, software-driven live production technology; a 16-input, multi-source video workflow with support for 12 SDI hardware inputs; and an included 2-stripe control panel with 24 source buttons, the NewTek TriCaster TC1 Deluxe bundle provides the capability, connectivity, and control you need to take on any production.

At a glance

Complete Production

Produce amazing content with hundreds of advanced production capabilities for video switching, playback, mix effects, graphics, audio mixing, virtual sets, and more.

4K UHD 60p Capable

Deliver an immersive viewing experience for programs, performances, events, and sports with native support for true 4K Ultra HD resolution at 60 frames per second.

Native IP Processing

Present your video as it was meant to be seen with NewTek’s software-driven processing maintaining native resolution of every signal from input to output.

Multi-Source Video Mixing

Create compelling content using any combination of compatible SDI and IP video sources, including local and remote cameras, mobile devices, Skype video calls, computers, streaming media, video files, graphics, and more.

Multi-Destination Delivery

Produce content for any screen or schedule, with SDI and IP live output, multi-channel recording, multi-platform live streaming, social media publishing, and more.

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