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Kinoflo CFX-7202 - Mega Double System Daylight

Daylight 6ft Mega Double System Highlights, 2-Lamp remote fixture w/ built-in barndoors.

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The 6ft Mega Double portable lighting systems are ideal for

practical lighting in large areas such as warehouses or super markets where they can

reproduce natural ambient light. Mega Double features:

The 2-Lamp Mega Fixture:

• Built-in Barndoors

• Removable Reflector, Louver and Lamp Harness

• Slide-on Center Mount

• True Match® daylight, tungsten    

The High Output Ballast:

• Flicker-free, remote lamp control

• HO/Standard switching

• Instant-on, dead quiet

• Remote operation






 Bulbs have to be ordered separatly. Please choose between Daylight or Tungsten in the accessories.