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Ikegami HC-HD300 - Standard Package with Lens

HC-HD300 Multi format Camera Head. FA-300 Fiber Adaptor (Neutrik CN). T-791 Tripod Mount Plate. BSF-300 HDTV Fiber Base Station. OCP-10 Operation Control Panel. RCC854-005 CP Cable 5m (Slim Type). VFL-P700 7" Color LCD Viewfinder incl. Attachment and Studio Hood. NKO2S-S1-AI-0-50 Fiber Cable 50m. XT17sx4.5BRMZoom Lens (FUJIFILM)

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HC-HD300 Standard Package with Lens


Affordable full digital HDTV camera with superb picture quality and system versatility for studio and field production. 

Main Features

- Ikegami's first affordable HD Studio Camera System


- Docking style camera body provides system flexibility


- Outstanding picture quality as part of the Unicam HD series product line


- Newly developed fiber system to provide an overall cost-effective studio and field solution


- Suitable for ENG applications with snap-on digital recorders


- Affordable Fiber System FA-300/BSF-300 (opticalCON DUO series, Max. 350m/ 1,148ft with 2"VF, 250m/820ft with 7"VF)


- Various Camera Control Units


- ATOMOS COMPATIBILITY WITH IKEGAMI.: Samurai & Ronin recorders will work with HC-HD300.


This package includes:


- HC-HD300 Multi Format Camera Head 


- FA-300 Fiber Adaptor (Neutrik CN)


- T-791 Tripod Mount Plate 


- BSF-300 HDTV Fiber Base Station 


- OCP-10 Operation Control Panel 


- RCC854-005 CP Cable 5m (Slim Type)


- VFL-P700 7" Color LCD Viewfinder incl. Attachment and Studio Hood


- NKO2S-S1-AI-0-50 Fiber Cable 50m


- XT17sx4.5BRMZoom Lens (FUJIFILM)



HC-HD300 Multi Format Camera Head 



Newly developed 1/3-inch 3CMOS HDTV Camera HC-HD300 with the concept of “The Broadcast quality” following the highest picture quality, functionality and reliability of Ikegami’s superb broadcasting top end camera UnicamHD HDK Series. HC-HD300 will be suitable for the usage at CATV/satellite broadcasting, educational and video production in enterprises.



- 1/3-inch 2.5 Megapixel 3CMOS Sensor

- Sophisticated Picture Quality

- Supports 1080i & 720p 4:2:2 HDTV Formats

- Compact Docking Style Camera Body

- Full Compatibility with all Unicam HD Systems

- Flexible Integration: Neutrik optical CON DUO Connector for hybrid Cables




Image Sensor

1/3-inch 2.5 Megapixel CMOS

Scanning System

720 p 50 / 59.94 YPbPr 4:2:2 / 1080 i 50 / 59.94 YPbPr 4:2:2

Optical System

1/3-inch, RGB prism, f 1.4


F10 (1080 / 59.94 i) / F11 (1080 / 50 i) typical at 2000 lx

S/N Ratio

58 dB (1080 i)

Limiting Resolution

1000 TV lines (1080 i)

ND Optical Filter Disc

ND 100 %, 25 %, 6,20 %, 1,6 %

Electronic Colour Compensation

CC 3200 K, 4300 K, 6300 K, 8000 K

Electronic Colour Compensation

CC 3200 K, 4300 K, 6300 K, 8000 K / variable

Electrical Gain

-6 dB, -3 dB, 0 dB, +3 dB, +6 dB, +9 dB, +12 dB, +18 dB

Electric Shutter

1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000

Transmission Interface FA-300

Neutrik optical CON DUO, maximum distance 250 m

Output Format (with FA-300 & BSF-300)

1080 i 50 / 59.94 YPbPr 4:2:2

Input Signals (FA-300) 2External Sync

SYNC 0.6 V p-p ±6 dB 75 Ω BNC CN 1 ch (BB / PS Signal)

Input Signals (FA-300) Audio

-60dB to +4dB (variable) / -20dB (fixed) XLR-3 CN 2 ch (600 Ω balanced)

Input Signals (FA-300) Intercom

ENG / PRD / PGM-1/2 XLR 7 or 5-pin

Output Signals (FA-300) HD-SDI

Serial Digital 75 Ω BNC 1 ch

Output Signals (FA-300) Monitor HD-SDI

VF / RET / MON (MENU Selection) Serial Digital 75 Ω BNC 1 ch

Output Signals (FA-300) Q-TV

75 Ω VBS 1 ch

Output Signals (FA-300) AUX-Out

VBS signal, BNC type 1 ch (Q-TV-1, Q-TV-2 or Main video selectable by menu)

Output Signals (FA-300) DC-Out

+12V DC 500 mA

Dimensions / Weight

W 138.5 x H 270 x D 337 mm (excluding VF), approx. 4.5 kg (Head & Adaptor)

Operating Temperature

-20 °C to +45 °C

Relative Humidity

30 % to 90 % (non-condensing)

Operating Voltage

DC +11to16V

Power Consumption

Approx. 13 W (without FA-300)



FA-300 Fiber Adaptor (Neutrik CN)

1.5G fibre transmission fibre adaptor for Unicam HD with limited cable length by affordable cost.


BSF-300 HDTV Fiber Base Station 



The BSF-300 is newly designed affordable base station transmitting uncompressed high quality pictures over short distances. HDTV (1080 i 50/60, 720 p50/60, 1080 psF25) and SDTV (625 i 50, 575 i 60) formats supported simultaneously in both, digital analogue domain.



OCP-10 Operation Control Panel 


OCP-10 is a Miniature Operational Control Panel with essential functions for basic camera operation in a smart shape. It utilizes direct ICCP connection as well as Ethernet network support. Whenever size matters, OCP-10 is the perfect fit.



VFL-P700 7" Color LCD Viewfinder incl. Attachment and Studio Hood



The VFL-P700 is a multi-format HDTV viewfinder reducing in thickness, weight and power consumption, achieving the use in various locations. It employs 7-inch panel, achieving the functions required as a viewfinder by using the same functions and operations of our HTM/TM series CRT monitors and HLM/VFL LCD monitor and VF.



XT17sx4.5BRMZoom Lens (FUJIFILM)



Quick Zoom speed is improved to 0.7 seconds end to end. Quick Zoom provides for a rapid zoom movement to the telephoto position to check focus with the simple push of a button. Releasing the button returns the lens to the previously selected zoom position. Quick Zoom can now be performed remotely from the ERD-T22 and ERD-10A-D01. No other lenses come close in performance or features.