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Services exclusive to Visuals Switzerland

Visuals offers you

Service by professionals in Zürich and Geneva.
A customised internal after-sales service, which guarantees best quality at the best price within the shortest feasible time.
The certainty of being able to fulfil your contracts and commitments in case of malfunction, breakage or theft.
Replacement equipment (subject to availability.)
Contact with new clients.
Finance and payment solutions.
Trade-in of used equipment.

Upon delivery

Set-up and adjustments according to client’s specific needs. *
Software verification and upgrade (if necessary.)
Lens set-up.
Installation of options and functionality test.*

Service and maintenance 

Software/firmware upgrades carried out by Visuals Switzerland *
Internal after-sales service, guaranteeing best quality for the best price within the shortest feasible time (3 engineers.)
Telephone support.
Set-up and adjustment of image production according to the specific needs for shooting projects. *

The Visuals Switzerland Guarantee

One or two years (according to item, optional extensions available.)
During repair/adjustment, replacement equipment is available in Zürich and Geneva under the following conditions :
Items within guarantee period: free loan of equipment
Items out of guarantee period: loan at 50% of prevailing hire rates.

In case of theft

Special rental rates (60% of standard hire rates.)
Approximately 50% of total invoicing may be applied against the future purchase of rental equipment.

* Services invoiced according to equipment type.